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Photographed by Secret Citywalk

The Tokyo Cowboys is a new electro-garage rock band from Tokyo. Billy Cowboy plays guitar, and Dada Cowboy does everything else. We've loved rock music since we were kids, but our stance on it has changed with age. We don't scream at rock anymore, we don't pogo dance or headbang. One day, we realized that there is not much rock music out there that we like. Some of it is too old, some of it is too loud. The rock music that young people listen to doesn't sound like music to us. So we decided to play our favorite rock music ourselves. No need for vocals or lyrics. No need for fancy guitar solos either. We don't even need a fierce groove. Of course we wanted songs that we could dance to. But we don't need to dance as hard as pole dancers. Just a little swaying of the hips is just right. That's how our first album, "Tokyo Cowboy Disco," came to be.


We are currently looking for a cool record label to release our first album "Tokyo Cowboy Disco". All recording and mixing is done, ISRC code is already obtained. On this website you will find a brief profile of us, demo songs, videos, and more. If you would like more information, please contact us via the contact form. We will do our best to accommodate you.

kota cowboy.jpg

Dada Cowboy


Dada is an artist with several names, but the best known is probably Kota, who was the bass player for Christian Death in the 1980s.

Kota left the band in 1989 and disappeared for the next 30 years. Kota suddenly appeared on stage at Christian Death's London show in 2019, supporting the band's EU tour as a DJ. He disappeared again after the tour, but was seen performing on stage at the Cruel world festival in Los Angeles in 2022.


In working with the Cowboys, Dada initially called himself Kota Cowboy, but he came to believe that a new name was needed because what Christian Death's Kota and the Cowboys represented were quite different.

Billy Cowboy


Billy is a cool cowboy. He doesn't talk much, but he has one aspect of a psychological counselor and has been consulted by many distressed lambs.His counseling is so well received that there are enthusiastic fans who believe him to be "the reincarnation of Christ".


Billy is also known as "Gaisenmons" guitarist "Billy Gaisenmon" in Tokyo.


One thing to worry about is that Billy may not be able to fly during the tour due to extreme fear of heights. The experience of falling out of the jungle gym as a child seems to be a trauma. We are currently looking for a way for him to overcome that trauma.

billy cowboy.jpg
kota and billy cowboy outside.jpg

Our songs for the 1st album is a down-tempo electro garage rock. It's basically a simple composition of Billy's guitar added to the rhythms of old funk and soul loops from Kota's sound collection. Again..There are no vocals, no fancy guitar solos, but it's music that makes everyone want to dance. You can listen to sample sound sources on this site, give it a try.

 The Tokyo Cowboys live show will be even more exciting. The DJ set will be a cool dub session of DJ and guitar that no one has ever seen. Or in the band set, we can do more rock'n roll shows with real instruments performances. We can play as a simple 3-piece band of guitar, bass and drums (In that case, Dada would play the electric bass.).

So for a while, enjoy listening to the demo tracks from this web site, until our album is complete and released. Also, wait for the day when we visit your city and have a live show. It may not be so far away.​ ARIGATO!

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